cfd analysisComputational Fluid Dynamics

We offer, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to solve various analysis related challenges faced by industries during the product development. Our Approach to problem solving is unique, that starts with proper understanding of physics of the problem and preparing a right solution strategy. Benchmarking with available analytical or experimental data, validation of results are indispensable part of CFD simulation process. We are committed to provide accurate and reliable results.

Our Expertise
Fluid Flow Analysis
Heat Transfer Analysis
Multi-phase flow analysis
HVAC analysis
Turbo-machinery Analysis
Combustion Modelling
Mold Flow Analysis

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feaFinite Element Analysis

Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) service offering is designed to help industries in solving various challenging problems. Following the right strategy with proper understanding of relevant physics is crucial for achieving the desired result. Benchmarking with available analytical or experimental data, validation of results are indispensable part of the FEA simulation process. We are committed to provide accurate and reliable results.

Our Expertise
Linear Structural Analysis
Non-linear Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) analysis
Thermal & Thermo-structural analysis
Buckling & Stability Analysis

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hvacHVAC Consulting

We offer, HVAC Consulting services to design system with optimized airflow, temperature control, good ventilation, good air quality and contamination control; while keeping energy consumption minimum.

Our approach
Energy Efficiency and Integrated Design Process
Building Energy Modelling & Benchmarking
Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Cost minimzation

Our Expertise
Thermal & humidity index estimation
Thermal comfort analysis
Ventilation system analyses
Smoke evacuation efficacy analyses
Energy modeling & assessment

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system modellingSystem Modelling & Simulation

With our system modelling offering, we help our clients in getting their ideas off the ground. We support applications ranging from engine cooling, modeling of pneumatic systems, HVAC systems, building management systems etc.

Our approach
Build the model
Simulate the model
Analyzing the simulation results & suggest modifications.

Our Expertise
Pneumatic System Modelling
Thermal System Modelling
Hydraulic and Fluid Flow System
Process Simulation
Dynamic System Modelling

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smoke analysisSmoke & Fire Simulation

It’s very important to design the facilities with proper safety of occupants and compliance with the Govt. regulations. Our “Smoke & Fire Simulation” offering helps the architects & engineers to simulate fire and smoke-propagation to design management systems for buildings, subways and other facilities.

Our Expertise
Smoke Extraction Analysis
Stairwell Pressurization
Fire Simulation
COx Concentration Analysis
Visibility Profile
Jet Fan Optimization

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design engineeringDesign & Engineering

We design and analyze pressure vessels, heat exchangers, bellow expansion joints and other process equipments as per the standards e.g. ASME, Expansion Joint Manufactures Association (EJMA), Indian Boiler Code etc.
As a part of Failure analysis approach, different modes of failures are analyzed for structural integrity as per the British Standard (BS) / European standard/ American standards. Our team has good expertise in welding analysis, fracture & crack analysis for residual life estimation, crack initiation and propagation in polymers.

Our Expertise
Product Development
Failure Analysis
Design Optimization

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implementation serviceImplementation Service

We offer implementation services for open-source FEA /CFD /CAD / PLM tools. Transforming Open Source technology into business advantage is now a powerful catalyst for Global enterprises to stay ahead of the change and maximize profits on investment. By releasing the full potential of open source technology, our
dedicated open source implementation services will empower your engineering team to deliver.

Our Offerings
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Implementation
Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Implementation
CAD Implementation
Product Life- cycle Management

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computing technologiesComputing Technologies

Application Development
We offer custom solver development and maintenance services with focus on shorter development cycles, better user experience, and reduced total cost of ownership. We also help our clients to migrate applications to open source technologies, while providing a comprehensive cost benefit analysis.

Internet Of Things

We offer solutions to turn standalone devices into connected smart systems and then to connected smart ecosystems. Through our IOT solutions, we provide technologies for sensor integration, hardware and firmware for gateways and edge nodes, multi-protocol gateways, mobility solutions, data analysis platforms, and the entire IoT server and cloud solutions.

Our Focus Areas
High Performance Computing
Cloud Computing
Industrial IoT

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