With our system modelling offering, we help our clients in getting their ideas off the ground. We support applications  ranging from engine cooling, modelling of pneumatic systems, HVAC systems, building management systems etc. 

 Our approach  

Build the model
Simulate the model
Analyzing the simulation results & suggest modifications.

Application areas  

Industrial Automation
Pneumatic systems
HVAC systems  

System modelling of a HVAC  helps in planning, design implementation, studying the input data, and the modelling of different zones.  Over the years due to the advent of computer capabilities several modelling techniques such as mathematical modelling, black box and gray box modelling have been developed to simplify the complexities in studying and implementing a HVAC system. 

Energy modelling for the building is one of the applications, we help our clients in modelling the life time energy cost estimation. The energy need of a building can be effectively determined using  this  approach. Control strategies can be used to control and regulate parameters in a building. The parameters in subject are temperature, fan speed, pressure, HVAC systems etc. System modelling can be used to model a building in such a way that the comfort index of the occupants is optimized. 

System modelling is also a great tool for designing pneumatic applications. In system modelling approach, the user can model the circuit using blocks to control the opening and closing of flow paths. Moreover, the interaction between the flow network and the mechanical translational work can be modeled. The results depicting the mass flow-rates, pressures and temperatures within the actuators can be obtained for the purpose of analysis. 

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