We design and analyze (FEA & CFD)  pressure vessels, heat exchangers, bellow expansion joints and other process equipments  as per the standards e.g.  ASME, Expansion Joint Manufactures Association (EJMA), Indian Boiler Code etc. 

As a part of Failure analysis approach, different modes of failures are analyzed for  structural integrity as per the British Standard (BS) / European standard/ American standards.  Our team has good expertise in welding analysis, fracture & crack analysis for residual life estimation, crack initiation and propagation in polymers. 

The Design & Product Engineering  services encompasses product stress and durability analysis, failure analysis, noise and vibration studies, impact/crash studies, multi-body dynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and optimization. We also provide end-to-end CAE services, and facilitate new product development (NPD) projects through precise design and prototyping. 

As markets have become significantly more competitive and having small gains in performance can make or break success. Optimization  techniques can be used  to improve product performance and reduce cost. Along with the Optimization, Sensitivity  analysis also very important to ensure overall performance for the design.  Some designs may have great performance under ideal manufacturing and environmental conditions, but minor variations quickly degrade this. 

Our approach 

Create/ Innovate
Detailed Design
Simulate / Validate
Build/ Produce

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