We offer, HVAC Consulting services to design system with optimized airflow, temperature control, good ventilation, good air quality and contamination control; while keeping energy consumption minimum.

The requirements of the HVAC systems are diverse. Airports, cruise terminals, and bus terminals operate on a 24 h basis with dynamic load characteristics,  for such facilities our building energy modelling and simulation services helps in designing the HVAC system with minimum energy cost. We help in designing the HVAC system for warehouses and clean rooms with stringent requirement for temperature, humidity & concentration control.

Our Approach

Energy Efficiency and Integrated Design Process
Building Energy Modelling & Benchmarking
Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Our HVAC Expertise Includes:

• Thermal & Humidity Index
• Thermal Comfort
• Ventilation System analyses
• Smoke Evacuation
• Energy modelling & assessment

Blogs & Case Studies